How We Do It

We understand that people are not a commodity and finding the right fit cannot be accomplished by simply running a computer algorithm. Our process for understanding, at a very granular and personal level, the goals of both the employer and candidate is how we streamline the hiring process, without stripping out the human element. It’s also the reason that 57% of our referred candidates get the job!

Our difference includes the following:

  • Taking the time to understand the hiring company’s culture and what types of people excel in that particular environment.
  • Studying the requirements for the specific position – beyond certifications or job skills. We also focus on candidate personality and soft skills to ensure a good fit within the organization.
  • Providing 2 or 3 highly qualified individuals that will excel in the open position – We refuse to fill up the hiring manager’s inbox with possible “fits.”

At Brandywine Technology, we take it personally.