We're IT & HR Staffing Experts

We Go the Extra Mile to Match Candidates & Careers

We know the value that a well-matched candidate can bring to your business, so we take all the steps necessary to ensure we’ve identified the right person for your position. Through direct interactions, most often face-to-face interviews, we can best understand an individual’s true skills and career objectives, and place them in situations that become a win-win for both employer and employee.

Whether you require talent for short-term, long-term or permanent placement, Brandywine Technology offers more than the depth of our extensive candidate network – we bring a technical perspective and knowledge of the skills that enable better HR and IT operations.

Contract Placement

For Short-Term and Long-Term Assignments

Oftentimes, our clients lean on us when they need highly specialized talent to supplement their technology staff for fixed periods of time or for special projects. With a unique understanding of the technical skills needed to fill a variety of IT roles, our team will engage the best available people to fulfill your specific assignment needs. We can also handle all human resource functions for you, including payroll generation and distribution, taxes, state and federal reporting requirements, and employer related insurance information.

For Contract-to-Hire Placements

If you have the intention of hiring an employee in the future, but need to onboard them today, Brandywine Technology can assist with a contract-to-hire placement. A unique advantage of this staffing set up is that it gives you the ability to monitor your consultant’s work performance prior to making a formal offer of employment. From initial recruitment to the transition from consultant to company employee, Brandywine Technology offers a seamless process to ensure a successful hire.

Permanent Placement

If you’re looking for a highly skilled and qualified HR or IT professional to join your team on a permanent basis, let Brandywine Technology source the right talent for the job.

Through face-to-face interviews with a potential candidate, we get the best read not only on the person’s true technical capabilities, but also on their overall work objectives. We firmly believe that the only way for a candidate to be successful – and to make the greatest impact on the success of your organization – is for both their skills and their long-term career goals to be properly aligned with your goals as a business.

Our Process Saves Time & Reduces Your Costs

Handling everything from interviews and reference checks to offers and acceptances, our team makes the transition from candidate to hire as seamless as possible for both the employee and your company.

Employer of Record

Already Have Your Ideal Candidate? Alleviate Administration to Put Talent in Place Fast

Brandywine Technology’s Employer of Record services were created to address these common staffing dilemmas. By quickly handling all the financial, legal and administrative issues needed to onboard a consultant, we enable you to hire the professionals you need, when you need them, for as long as you need them.

As the Employer of Record, Brandywine Technology handles:

  • Immediate reconciliation of documents and contracts required to hire
  • Payrolling service with convenient direct deposit and bi-weekly paycheck
  • Payroll taxes and withholdings
  • Commercial Professional Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Health, Dental, 401(k) and Retirement Benefits